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Legal documentation

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ABP Registration 

Issued 07/06/2019

Certificate Continuing Competence

Expires 02/06/25

Certificate of Motor Insurance


Certificate of Technical Competence

Issued 26/02/2023

Combined Liability Insurance

Issued 18/05/2024

Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Issued 27/11/2020

Cyber Security Protection Policy

Issued April 2024

EPR Compliance Report 2020

last inspection 02/11/2020

EWC Permitted at Unit 17

Last update Sep 2019

Employee Data Privacy Notice

Issued 2024

Employer's Liability Insurance

Issued 18/05/2024

Environmental Policy

Issued April 2024

Equal Opportunities

Issued April 2024

Example Waste Transfer Note

16/06/21 created

Example Weighbridge Waste Transfer Note

16/06/2021 created

Fleet Insurance 2024-2025

Issued 19/05/2024

Fleet, Public & Employer Liability- Cover Note. 2023 Renewal

Expires 12/05/2025

Goods Vehicle Operators Licence

Expires 25/06/2025

Health & Safety Policy Signed 2023

Expires 10/09/2024

Modern Slavery Policy

Issued 04/11/2020

Modern Slavery Policy

Issued April 2024

S1, S2, T4, T14-T17 U4 exemptions

Expires 27th May 2024

Scrap Metal Dealers Licence

Expires 09/11/2026

T11 Exemption

Expires October 2023

Terms and Conditions of Skip and Roll on Roll off Hire

Tipping and Loading Skips/Ro Ro Risk Assessment

Expiry 06/09/2023

Training Policy

Issued 13/01/21

WEEE Exemption

Issued Sep 2002

Waste Carriers Management Licence

Expires 08/11/2023

Waste Management Licence

Issued April 2002

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