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ABP Registration 

Issued 07/06/2019

Certificate of Motor Insurance

Expires 19/05/2021

Certificate of Technical Competence

Issued 26/02/2000

Combined Liability Insurance

Expires 17/05/2021

EPR Compliance Report 2019

last inspection 02/11/2020

EWC Permitted at Unit 17

Last update Sep 2019

Employer's Liability Insurance

Expires 17/05/2021

Environmental Policy

Issued Feb 2014

Equal Opportunities


Goods Vehicle Operators Licence

Issued 23/08/2000 / re-issue 25/06/2020

Health & Safety Policy Signed 2019

Expires 23/07/2020

Modern Slavery Policy

Issued 2015

Scrap Metal Dealers Licence

Expires 09/11/2023

Training Policy

Issued 2014

WEEE Exemption

Issued Sep 2002

Wamitab Training Certificate

Expires 11/03/21

Waste Carriers Management Licence

Expires 08/11/2023

Waste Management Licence

Issued April 2002

Weighbridge Test Certificate 

Issued 12/12/2019

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