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POPS & Hazardous Wood Waste.
What you need to know.


We are committed to supporting you to find simple and cost effective solutions where POPS or hazardous Wood are identified in your waste. Explanations of these wastes as follows:

HAZARDOUS WOOD:  Waste wood found in buildings built between 1950 and 2006 could be deemed as hazardous. These include - roof timbers, tiling and cladding battens, timber frames and joists commonly referred to as 'Amber Items' within the Environment Agency's RPS 291.

Amber items of waste wood are also from buildings built between 1950 and 1995 and are - barge boards, fascias and soffits, external timber cladding, external doors, external windows. More info here Storing and treating hazardous waste wood: RPS 291

POPS: Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS) are hazardous wastes commonly found in soft furnishings that can cause environmental damage when committed to landfill. Sofas, chairs, bed bases, futons and other common household and office furniture are subject to POPS legislation.

HAZARDOUS WOOD: How to identify 

The following is a quick guide from the Wood Recyclers Association (WRA) to identify likely 'Amber Items' of hazardous wood waste as outlined under RPS 291.


1. Fence Posts
(Not Fence Panels)

2. Decking

Fence Posts.png

The items BELOW are only relevant if FROM pre-2007 buildings

3. Barge Boards, Fascias and Scoffits

4. External Joinery (wooden windows and conservatories)

5. External doors

Barge Boards.png
External Joinery.png
External Doors.png

6. Roof Timbers

7. Tiling and Cladding Battens

8. Timber Frames / Joists

Roof Timbers.png
Timber Frames.png


I have these wood items, what next?

These items cannot be placed in a normal General Waste skip/RORO.
Items identified are to be treated as suspected Hazardous Wood waste and segregated accordingly. Clews Recycling can provide a separate 8yd builders ski
p (or larger as required) to contain the wood waste at an additional charge. Clews Recycling will then take the necessary steps to responsibly consign and dispose of the waste at an approved reprocessor that complies with RPS2 291.



POPS: What's the cost?

Clews Recycling charge £275 per tonne for POPS waste or for smaller loads, individual items costs as follows:

£20 Exc VAT per item:

  • Futons

  • Sofas

  • Sofa beds

  • Armchairs

  • Bed bases

£10 Exc VAT per item:

  • Kitchen and dining room chairs

  • Stools and foot stools

  • Home office chairs

  • Bean bags

If you have any of these items or similar, you will be charged accordingly. Please contact Clews Recycling if you intend to put these items in your waste

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