Every month, we handle over 300 Tonnes of card and paper from our Waste Transfer Sation in Rugby. We offer a range of card and paper recycling solutions, see how we can help you

Card &

Paper Recycling

Depending on quantity and how the material will be transported, we aim to offer our clients the best value available for their waste card and paper.


At our Hunters Lane depot, we have a state of the art card and paper baler producing half tonne bales ready for export. This enables us to run our card and paper recycling operation efficiently; passing on savings to our customers.


Our services include:



  • Bale collections

  • Curtain Side 7.5 tonne & Curtain side Artic Collections

  • Stand Trailers

  • Loose card collections over 500KG

  • Baler Installations

  • Skips for bins (6yrd - 40yrd Compactor)

  • Palletised card and paper collections

  • Free tip at our Waste Transfer Station

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