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Contamination charges for improper waste in loads. 


If a bin is loaded incorrectly with waste included that should not be there as outlined in our Ts&Cs it is incredibly problematic for our team to sort through.

Common contamination includes:

  1. Plasterboard in General Waste loads

  2. General Waste in wood skips 

  3. High quantities of soil/hardcore in builders skips pushing weights over 1T

The following matrix on the PDF is how Clews Recycling will determine the charge due on improper loads.

Payment is due immediately on the collection of the skip, a member of our team will call you take payment of the penalty.

Please be aware that Clews Recycling do not want to be charging customers penalties. Repeated offenders will not have their skip replaced at site.

Our drivers will warn customers as well as our office staff. It is their duty to make you aware. Any offensive language or confrontation with any member of the Clews team that tries to help you avoid such costs will not be tolerated and your skip/ RoRo will be removed immediately.

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