Essential to our operation is the Recycling Depot and office in Hunters Lane, Rugby. Here we can readily sort mixed recyclables ourselves which reduces costs resulting in lower costs for our customers

Waste Transfer Station


At our Waste Transfer Station in Rugby, we are able to sort all incoming waste into its different components maximising recycling efficiency. With investment of £500k over the last 5 years, we have installed two plants onto our site enabling us to handle and sort a variety of waste types at any one time.


Although much of our business can be pigeonhold as commercial recycling, any two clients can have a very different make up of waste.


The key operations at our Hunters Lane site include:

  • Sorting co-mingled dry recyclables

  • Commercial mixed waste recycling

  • Palletised waste assortment

  • All grades of wood recycling

  • RDF fuel preparation

  • Card and paper baling  

  • UPVC recycling


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