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Skips still in high demand as we approach the exit from lockdown

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

It has been a strange old time since we were in a national lockdown back in March 2020. Normal life changed to peering out of windows longing for the day you can go on your foreign holiday, hoarding loo roll, clapping on your doorstep, face masks, furlough and for some, Free time!

This free time and spending every waking hour in your own four walls, got people clearing out their houses, gardening, building or renovating, coupled with the closure of Local Authority tips, sparked a huge demand for Skips.

At our peak in the demand our usual next day delivery for new skips had stretched to 3 weeks for new deliveries of skips and 2 days for exchanges. And this was even with purchasing a large number of additional skips to meet with demand and additional vehicles out.

It is not surprising to see where this demand for skips has come from, when you see in the press the Kingfisher Group owners of B&Q and Screwfix have seen the groups profits increase 64%, and Search engines have seen huge increases in DIY searches.

But as we get closer to the horizon of the end of covid restrictions the demand for skips continues, and Clews has purchased more skips to help meet the demand, but the demand still out strips supply. .

If your undertaking a project and require a skip. Give us a call and get the skip pre booked with as much notice as possible to avoid delays and disappointment.


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