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It wasn't us Officer!

Life at Clews Recycling is never boring. On Monday 7th October we were contacted first by VOSA and then by the police about the whereabouts of the 7.5 tonne Renault truck that we had used to collect bales of paper and cardboard

Expecting that it had picked up a parking ticket or speeding offence we were happily able to advise them that we had sold it to a vehicle breaker in Winchester on 13 September 2019.

It was a shock to learn therefore that it had been used by animal rights protest group, Animal Rebellion to transport posters and barricades and other paraphernalia to Smithfields market on 7 October still resplendent with our sign written logo.

We were able to provide the police with full details of its movements from the Tracker device that was still working.

So if you see our name associated with protests and disruption, it is nothing to do with us!


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